Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When clients access this website, they understand and accept the terms and conditions laid out by itpeople.ie


The terms and conditions apply to the utilization of all services available on this website. The services available are searching for jobs, setting job alerts, CV talent pool, option of uploading your own CV to the database, etc. 



itpeople.ie is committed to protecting the privacy of their website users. 


Terms & Conditions

  1. Within these conditions the term ‘client’ will mean all itpeople.ie account holders whether they be a ‘Business’ or ‘Applicant’.
  2. Users should consent to use itpeople.ie for the services which it offers only.  
  3. itpeople.ie expects you to create a password in order to access your account. You are liable for this password. itpeople.ie are not responsible for any person accessing your account. 
  4. itpeople.ie owns all content. Use of itpeople.ie’s content without permission is not allowed.  
  5. itpeople.ie are not responsible for content on third party websites. 
  6. itpeople.ie is only a website that creates a link between a business and applicant.

itpeople.ie is not liable for any loss due to the users own mistakes when posting their vacancies.  

  1. itpeople.ie are responsible and hold authority for all content posted on their website and therefore have the ability to remove any information posted which is conflicting. 
  2. Payment for the service is made by credit card via Stripe before credits for the site are activated. Payment is due regardless of the period for which the advertisement remains live and the amount of replies received. Advertisements remain live for 28 days, unless removed by the client before such date. If the website becomes unavailable and runs into difficulty at any time due to factors beyond their control, itpeople.ie will not accept liability for advertisements not being displayed for this period.  
  3. A client can expire an advertisement at any time before the expiry date. However, there will be no refunds to the client. 
  4. itpeople.ie reserves the option to end a client’s access to their account if they are in breach of itpeople.ie’s terms and conditions. 
  5. itpeople.ie does not at any time guarantee the quality or number of CV’s that may be viewable on the site using the CV pool.
  6. All clients must ensure that their job postings are compliant and legal with regards to discrimination and Irish regulations. itpeople.ie are allowed to remove any posts  without prior notice if it breaches with any of the rules and regulations in place. 
  7. Clients are to use itpeople.ie solely for the business which is provides. Clients can upload their details to the website to avail of itpeople.ie’s services but this is at their own risk. However, itpeople.ie are not legally accountable for the exploitation of their information by any external parties. itpeople.ie can remove accounts from the website database when account holders are in breach of itpeople.ies Terms & Conditions. 
  8. Recruitment Agencies must not pass on clients details to third parties without the job seekers permission. They must contact the client first and allow them to consent to the forwarding of their information. Recruitment Agencies can use a client’s details and CV which they accessed through itpeople.ie to help them find a suitable job on their own database. 
  9. itpeople.ie will not take responsibility for computer viruses, content, security, etc interrupting the operation of the website for account holders. If any loss or damage occurs as a result of these breaches of security, itpeople.ie does not accept liability. 


Irish Law administers this agreement.